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#Pulverisewinsagain Obtaining activity points

Post by Tiger_Weeds on Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:59 am

Weekly Leader Events

Attending these events will grant 15 Activity points

The events are one hour long and must be attended in full for the full amount of points.
Gaining Pvm or Skilling tiers

Each tier will grant 25 Activity points

Citadel Capping
Capping at the citadel will grant 15 Activity Points.

In order to receive activity points for capping citadel, you must post a screenshot in the capping section of our off-site that clearly shows your resource cap with a timestamp in the chatbox.

Recruiting members
Each person you recruit will grant 10 Activity Points.

These are Miscellaneous means & points will vary.

Activity points can also be handed out by leaders through other means that contribute to the clan, to name a few these means include streaming with the clan banner to help advertisement, being active on the off-site & teamspeak.


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